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I help people to work with their unconscious mind to eliminate the root cause of what's holding them back from the life of their dreams. 

-Break Unwanted Patterns

-Healing Emotional Traumas

-Take control of your emotional state, behaviors and results

-Overcome Limiting Beliefs

When I'm not helping people take charge of their lives, I'm probably playing with my two cats(in my yoga pants, duh) or heading to the hottest new restaurant in Austin!


I help people work with their unconscious mind


Our unconscious mind controls our behavior patterns. Deeply engrained programs are running in the background of your life without you knowing. These programs are why you keep picking the same type of relationship that isn't good for you or continue to self sabotage. You must change the program in order to change your life.

The good news is you can reprogram yourself! That is what I help people do. I help them to identify and let go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from their deepest desires and goals. Working with the unconscious mind allows us to heal the root cause of the unwanted thoughts, beliefs, and patterns and install new desirable ones. Healing in this way changes your neurology and opens you up to new possibilities instead of hitting the same blocks time after time.  

I do this with techniques from NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and TimeLine Therapy® both of which I'm a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of. 


What is NLP? and how AJ’s life has changed since taking an NLP Training

AJ is a successful six-figure entrepreneur with the relationship of his dreams. In this video he is sharing how NLP contributed to his success in all areas of his life.


My Story

The journey that lead me to Coaching began in my early twenties. I went to Therapy seeking help to break patterns I was seeing in my relationships. This experience was incredibly healing, enlightening and life changing. 

Ever since then I have been passionate about learning techniques that create change and allow people to understand their true power. Nothing gets me more excited than helping someone to heal and see them step into their truest self. 

Happiness, fulfillment and love are available to anyone willing to do the work. I help those courageous souls to navigate the path that will get them there. 




Coaching is right for you if: 

•You are eager and willing to do whatever it takes to change

•You are sick and tired of not being able to reach your goals(in any area of your life)

•You are ready to change and just need guidance on how to make it happen

•You want to take control of your life


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