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My Story

The journey that lead me to Coaching started in 2008 in the chair of a therapists office. I was there because my relationship at the time was going south and I didn't know what to do. My therapist taught me that the key to having a healthy relationship was to heal myself and the programming I had inherited from my parents and society. 

It took 10 years of healing myself(and lots of bad break ups) to obtain the relationship I dreamt about in her office. It was worth every tear and terrible date because now I'm married to the love of my life and could not be more grateful. My deepest desire is for everyone to experience the joy and freedom of living a conscious life. A life that is free from attachment, strife and struggle. 

Quick and effective

Good news is it doesn't have to take you 10 years to heal! I have been studying and researching the best techniques to induce change and healing for the last 10 years and I found it. With cutting edge techniques like NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and TimeLine Therapy® we can eliminate the barriers to your biggest goals in as little as 3 sessions. Yep, that's right! I want you to heal as quickly as possible so you can get out there and start living a new life.

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing someone grow

I always knew my purpose was to share my story and teach others how I overcame the obstacles in my life. It makes all the struggles worth it when I can help someone else. When I discovered NLP and TimeLine Therapy® I became a Certified Practitioner and started sharing it with people like you right away. These are the most effective, cutting edge techniques for healing, and changing yourself. I can say this from personal experience as well as witnessing numerous transformations before my eyes. Life can be confusing and messy and I can help you make sense of it all and change the course of your life.



Coaching is for you if...


√ You are at your WITS END and will do anything it takes to make a change. 

√ You are feeling lost on how to navigate an area of your life. You need a LIFELINE! 

√ You are kinda sick of yourself and your same old patterns but don't know how to get UNSTUCK. 

Kristin created a comfortable, safe space for me to release negative emotions that have been keeping me stuck for years. Time Line Therapy was easy and incredibly effective. Without those old feelings holding me back, I’m finally creating the business, relationship and life I’ve always wanted. Thank you!
— Stephanie Padovani

My Coaching Credentials

Well first and foremost my 150% belief in YOU and your ability to change! But in addition to that I do have specialized training that allows me to help you. 

√ Certified Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

√ Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

√ Certified Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

√ Certified Hypnotherapist


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