5 Tips To Stick With Your Workout Routine


Before doing NLP Coaching and Training I was a Personal Trainer. I absolutely love how amazing our bodies are! I truly believe working out and a healthy diet are keys to living a conscious life. I know one of the challenges with fitness can be consistency. That’s why I’ve put together my best tips and tricks for sticking with your workout routine!

What if being consistent with your workout routine was as simple as preparing? Minimizing excuses and obstacles could be the key to your success. Here are 5 simple but effective ways to stick with your fitness routine. 

1.Prep your workout gear-

The night before I always pack my gym bag(if I'm going to the gym) or set out my clothes if I'm working out at home.  Removing decisions first thing in the morning means one less excuse to not workout. Just get dressed, grab your bag and go! Or if you workout at home it will be harder to ignore and make excuses not to get your sweat on if you see your stuff laid out waiting for you.  By getting everything ready ahead of time you know everything is clean, you have your shoes and you are ready to go!

2.Meal Prep-

Now that I'm working from home I don't have to meal prep as intensely but I still like to get things ready.  I chop up my veggies for salads and snacks. I also make extras when I cook so I have it for the week. I always like to have cooked sweet potatoes, veggies and cooked proteins on hand for meals throughout the week. When I did work 9-5 I would prep my food for the whole week on Sundays. This way I never had the excuse to go off track. 

3.Get a Planner-

I know we all have smart phones with calendars but I still love an old fashioned planner! There is something about writing things down that makes me commit more. I also LOVE seeing the whole months training plan at once. It helps me wrap my head around my goals and to make each day count. This is also helpful so that I can look back and see how far you've come--another motivator! Looking at the month as a whole also allows you to plan for upcoming birthdays, trips or vacations. These types of things can throw you off without proper preparation.

4.Get into a routine-

The only way to improve your fitness is to be consistent over an extended period of time. If you build in your workout and meal prep time into your schedule it slowly becomes a habit.  It will just become a part of your day not a chore. 

5.Charge your Gear! 

My mom is NOTORIOUS for not using her FitBit because it's not charged-fail! Make sure you plug in all your stuff-phone, ipod, headphones etc.  I know for a FACT that I can't workout without music so I always make sure my headphones are plugged in. Make a little charging station for all your gadgets so you know where they are and know they are charged. 

That's it! Simple but effective. You can implement all of these things today to create workout success. 

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