How To Use Affirmations

To be successful at achieving any goal such as landing your dream house or getting that next client, you must include internal mindset work. You can do all the house hunting and grinding at work you want but if you aren't mindful of what's going on between your ears it may end in self sabotage or with an outcome that you don’t want.

I’ve used affirmations often to assist me on my journey to becoming the best version of myself and so can YOU!  

For example, before Braxton and I moved to Hawaii we used our mindset to create this dream. There are a few more steps to manifestation than affirmations(get my free guide HERE) but affirmations are KEY! I used affirmations to assist me in accepting the fact that anything is possible and that It was ok for me to have it all!

I use affirmations daily to keep me focused on what I want and cement in beliefs I'm adopting. Your unconscious mind is constantly listening to you, so when you read or speak your affirmations you are actually helping to build the neurology in your body to create a new belief. Your unconscious mind learns by repetition, so the more you can read them, the better!

Here are the building blocks of a good affirmation:

  1. Make it a positive statement, not about what you don’t want. For example- “I don’t want to be in debt”. Instead it would be, “I have more than enough money to pay for everything I want and need!”

  2. Affirmations should be in present tense as if it's already happened! I AM Healthy and happy, NOT I am going to be happy and healthy.

  3. It should be short and to the point, something you can eventually memorize. Your unconscious mind will absorb it regardless of the length but I think it makes them more powerful.

  4. Read your affirmations every morning and every night. It's also key to embody the emotions the affirmations make you feel(as if it's a reality NOW)! This will assist you to wire this belief into your neurology so it's a part of you.

Some Examples!

I am healthy and happy

I am filled with energy and vitality

I am worthy and deserving of all that I desire

Every day, in every way I am getting better and better

I love myself, I believe in myself, I am a winner

The best part is you can apply these affirmations RIGHT NOW to start making positive changes. How AWESOME is that!!

If you want to dive deeper into affirmations and manifesting, I’ve created a FREE GUIDE! It’s your step by step blueprint to create the life of your dreams.I break it down into a simple formula. Click HERE to get your now!