Aligned Action-What It is and Why it's Key to Manifesting

Manifestation is a beautiful process that takes places when we align with Universal power. It’s really a simple process but it’s not taught to us when we are young. My passion is teaching people how to re-learn this skill and create the reality they desire! A key component to manifesting that which you desire it taking aligned action. There are other basics to keep in mind(which you can read about HERE) but aligned action was a skill that took me time to cultivate. So today, I want to talk about this one small aspect of manifesting your reality that has big impact.

From a young age must of us were taught to “work hard” and “grind it out” when it came to school or work. I subscribed to these ideologies for most of my life until I discovered the Law Of Attraction. When we push and grind our way to what we want it exhausting and usually devoid of joy. Those feelings are in direct conflict with receiving that which we desire. As Abraham Hicks says(a famous LOA teacher) it’s like paddling upstream when all we have to do is just let go and the river will carry us downstream to our desires. That’s what aligned action is all about. It’s about letting go of control and listening to our internal guidance. It’s about taking action from a space of ease. So how do we do that?

Step 1:

Sit down for 5,10,20 minutes in the morning and get in alignment. This could be through meditation, visualization or just simply breathing and staying present. Whatever you do it should leave you feeling happy, peaceful and connected to Source.

Step 2:

From this space of alignment, now think about the project, task or goal you want to take action on and see what comes up. Follow any inclinations that feel inspiring, exciting, or the next logical step. Whatever it is, it should feel natural and easy(not forced).

You did it! That’s aligned action. Simple in process but it just takes some effort to do.

Now let’s say you’re working on something and it just isn’t flowing. Nothing seems to be going right…every time you go to do something a glitch happens-UGH! This is when I recommend you STOP what you’re doing and go get realigned. Take a break. Go get a cup of tea, pet your dog and maybe read. Anything that gets you back into a relaxed, aligned state. Then act on what feels exciting, and easy…which may not be what you were previously working on but know you’ll come back to it. Sometimes it’s a matter of working on the things that bring you excitement because that will give you momentum which makes more arduous tasks easier.

I hope this helps you to work smarter not harder! Taking aligned action is what will allow the universe to work through you and bring you what you desire. It makes life so much easier when we are taking action with excitement and passion which is how it should be! Life is meant to be fun and hopefully this post brings you more joy as you create your reality.


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