The Basics of Law of Attraction

I’m sure you’ve heard the term Law of Attraction. It’s floating around everywhere but do you really understand it? Or do you think it’s a hokey, juju-magic thing? Well, I’m here to explain to you the basics of how to harness this very real power to manifest anything that you want and it’s available to everyone. In fact, science is even catching up to explain how this takes place at the quantum level. On the forefront of this research is Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton to name a few. In order to influence and create reality, there are a basic set of principles that must be followed. Once you understand them, it all becomes an easy process! So, if it sounds like something you want to learn, then stick around!

What You Think, You Create

Like attracts like. If your thoughts are constantly centered around negativity and things not going your way, then you are vibrationally in alignment with other people, places and things of that same wave length. This means that you will probably find yourself in situations that further confirm this thought pattern. But the opposite it also true. If you are always thinking that things work out for you and that abundance is flowing to you, then that is what you will attract! It’s really very simple. The hard part is overcoming negative habitual patterns of thought. You can read more on how to overcome that HERE. It’s essential to train your mind to focus on what you want!


One of the harder parts of manifestation is trusting that all is coming in divine timing. How many times have you wished for something and it didn’t come at what you perceived as the “right time” and you lost hope and trust? Well, in order to master Law of Attraction and manifest the things you want, you must learn to trust. You must trust that everything you want is already done and just waiting for YOU to be ready to receive it. And how do you do that? Get in vibrational alignment with that which you are wanting! Part of achieving that is having a 100% knowing that what you want is coming…no doubt, no worry. Just complete trust and knowing that it’s coming at the perfect time in the perfect way.

Law of Attraction

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that they can sit on the couch and manifest the 1 Million they want! Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work this way. We must be out there taking aligned action for the universe to put in place to cooperative components. If we sit on the couch, we aren’t giving the universe much opportunity to work through us and help create it. On the flip side, if we get aligned and only take actions that feel exciting and like the next logical step…the pieces will come together. You’ll be inspired or pulled in a certain direction to support your desire for the 1 million dollars!


A major part of Law of Attraction is heart felt emotion. The combination of focus and intention, coupled with emotion is the golden ticket! Your imagination is a key player in assisting you to create that strong emotion. When you practice the emotion of already having that which you desire, it assist you to lock in that vibration and receive your manifestation.

Let go of the “How”

Trying to figure out “How” a dream will come true is usually when people keep it from themselves. Because in your logical mind, you can’t see how it’s possible. But your job is to ask for what you want, believe you are going to receive it and feel as if you have it now. Your job is NOT to figure out all the twists and turns to get you there. The steps to receive your manifestation will come to you naturally. You will be inspired to write something or go to a party and meet someone who’s key. The universe will make it happen, it’s your job to trust, focus and act from alignment.

These are the major component of how Law Of Attraction works. If you want to get the blueprint of exactly what to do each day to manifest your desires, get my free guide HERE.