We Moved To Hawaii!

As some of you may know, I got married in Kauai in 2017(check out this post about the wedding). That’s when we really fell in love with the island. It didn’t even cross our minds to live there until later that year. We were planning on moving from Austin once Braxton(my hubby) sold his company…we just didn’t know where. We loved Austin but we were ready for a change, a new adventure together!

We have this fun habit of having conversations that start with, “if we could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?!”So one such night, my response was, “What about Hawaii??”. The more we talked about it, the more excited we got! I’m very much a “feeling” person…if it feels right when I imagine it, then I listen to that as guidance from my higher conscious mind. All of a sudden, Hawaii was all we could think about and we decided to go for it! We wanted a lifestyle that was centered about conscious living-really slowing down and being able to focus on the things we love. We also really wanted to be more active and outdoors more. Kauai has amazing hiking, beaches and water sports. We are also trying to start a family and raising kids here sounded like a dream! We were sold. Kauai checked all these boxes!

Fast forward to February of 2019 and we landed on Kauai with our kitties in tow! We had a little house on the North Shore just waiting for us. We were home!

I’d be lying if I said the move was easy. I think moving is a pain in the ass regardless of where but I wasn’t prepared. I just figured it would be easy to settle into paradise! Little did I realize that I had become a city girl during my 20’s! I had lived in apartments in San Francisco then Austin and become accustom to bug free, mud free living. As you can imagine, I had a hard time transitioning to a house with a lizard and centipede infestation(seriously). But we now have that all under control and life is good!

Living here is like being held by mother nature. There is so much abundance in all forms…rain, sunshine, water, and beauty! I’ve found my favorite coffee shop, our “go to” restaurants and have met some amazing people.

We’ve been here almost 6 months and I feel like I’m finally getting in the groove! I’m excited to see how my experience here evolves as time goes on.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

XO, Kristin