Our Honeymoon in Greece: Mykonos

WOW! Mykonos did not disappoint. This island is just alive with beaches, shopping and restaurants. It’s such a great mix of laid back island vibe with the bougie touch that you want!(or at least I do!). The tiny little airport is full of well dressed travelers ready to soak up some sun and fun, so feel free to dress to impress!

We stayed at this great little spot just outside of Mykonos Town on an ocean front cliff. Mykonos town(or near it) is where you want to stay. It’s the hub of the island and has the most to do. As soon as we checked in, we were taken to the pool that overlooks the ocean and sipped on some bubbles-we made it! That is seriously the best feeling, isn’t it!? Once our room was ready we dropped off our stuff and meet the couple we were traveling with in Mykonos Town.

This is a bustling little area with the white “stone” streets and enough shops to keep you busy for a week! Apparently the tiny winding streets were designed to confuse pirates back in the day, to discourage them from making it a target. Now, it serves to keep tourists wandering around like a never ending amusement park(in the best way!). it’s fun to get lost in the streets and stumble upon new bars and places to eat. This sense of adventure definitely adds charm and uniqueness of this little town.

We stayed in Mykonos for 4 nights and I honestly wish would could have stayed longer! Most days we just woke up, worked out at the best little gym by our hotel, then headed to a beach! Then at night, we went out to dinner and enjoyed the delicious greek food!

One day, we went beach hopping around the island on an ATV which I highly recommend! Once you get out of Mykonos Town, you get to see the landscape, the cute houses and a more authentic vibe. Dotted all along the coast are beach clubs with chairs and drinks. Be warned-not all are created equal! For example, Super Paradise was dead and weird. We went at like 4pm thinking there would be a day party and we couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

Beaches/Bars I would recommend:

Liasti on Lia Beach-Cute, off the beaten path beach with a great little bar/restaurant. They also have the most amazing swim suit shop there too!

Scorpios- A must! Picture if the Darthraki people had an uber trendy lounge bar on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and that’s what you’ll get. Come here dressed in your best swimsuit and coverup and listen to the DJ. If you go after sunset this place turns into a great spot to dance but also plenty of space to just lounge. Make a reservation if you want to go in the evening, it get’s packed!

Nammos- Get ready to mingle with the rich and famous!…Or people being ballers for the day like us, haha!!But for real, this place was on another level of swank. Super expensive to get a bed on the beach(like $150) so just be prepared. But it’s worth it! Go splurge for the day and soak up the bougie Mediterranean vibes!

Pasaji- Just what you want in a beach…great loungers, servers brining you wine, and a chill vibe. This is the perfect spot to just come hang out for the day(or multiple!). It’s close to Mykonos town and affordable to grab a bed.

Where we stayed:

Tharroe Of Mykonos

Mykonos was our favorite island. It’s fun, laid back and there’s lots to do! I can’t wait to go back! Have you been to Mykonos? What did you think?