I quit Social Media for a week…here’s what happened

How many of you are a bit burnt out scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, yet we STILL do it! Social media has received a lot of criticism lately and for good reason. It does have a dark side but can it be used for good? Am I addicted? Is Instagram adding to my life in a positive way? 

I decided to run an experiment and I deleted the Instagram app for a week. If nothing else, I wanted to break the habit of scrolling my phone first thing in the morning. I was a little apprehensive but more excited than anything! Spoiler alert: I survived! 

So, overall it was really easy for me. Completely taking it off my phone allowed me to explore other morning routines which felt great. I thought I would have FOMO but I actually felt relieved! I felt a sense of freedom and clarity creating this social media free bubble. It was so nice to eat a meal and not be tempted to snap a pic or go to the beach and not feel the need to post a hot dog leg pic. I was just in the moment and relaxed. 

My lack of caring and even enjoyment of a social media free life allowed me to release any fears that I was addicted. In fact, I was tempted to never download the app again! 

After the week(or maybe longer, lol) I logged into Instagram to just check in and see if I missed anything. To my surprise, I had quite a few DM’s in my inbox! My best friends and I have group chat and I had missed a bunch of fun interactions. I even had a few acquaintances ask if I was ok and where I had been! This shocked me. I couldn’t believe that anyone(except my mom) had noticed I hadn’t been posting-seriously my mind was blown. I thought for sure that with all the account we all follow and the crazy algorithm nobody would even notice. 

I started to become conflicted. I thought for sure I was going to continue my social media free life until I realized what I really enjoy about it which is connecting with my friends and family. This platform provides an easy way for me to stay in touch with besties who lives thousands of miles away! And apparently there were a few people who missed seeing what I was up to. This fresh perspective gave me a new appreciation for this little app. 

Although sometimes it feels like we are shouting into the wind and not making any difference in the world-that’s an illusion. Social media can be a powerful tool to connect with like minded people and provide value. It can also be used to pass the time while you sit on the toilet-win, win! 

Overall, my experiment was a huge success. I learned about my relationship with social media. I gained insight about what I love about it and inspiration to utilize it more effectively. Am I back to mindlessly scrolling when I’m procrastinating? Yes. Am I ok with that? Yes. Am I breaking my silence on Instagram and going to start sharing again? Yes. 

My goal is to share in a way that facilitates connection and provides value. So to my followers and friends who read this, THANK YOU!! I’m excited to contribute and hope to create a space for inspiration and change in my little squares.